Records Management

Records Management, Freedom of Information Act Case Management, Records Declassification Management and Veterans Case Research Management

These items require a long-term capability that can evolve as technologies advance. You need a trusted partner who will be here to support you today and in the future. Hexagon US Federal has provided best-of-class solutions to U.S. government customers for more than 40 years. Hexagon has built information management systems for managing Records, FOIA, Declassification, and Veterans Claims Request information for the US Army and we can tailor them for your specific needs. In fact, much of the software already developed is available to US Government entities.

Information Systems built by Hexagon US Federal for the U.S. Army

  • Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)
  • Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts Case Tracking System (FACTS)
  • Joint Services Records Research Center (JSRRC) Claims Automated Processing System (JCAPS)
  • Army Declassification Automated Management System (ADAMS)

Key Benefits

  • To provide enhanced capabilities for authorized users to create, maintain, transfer, locate, and retrieve official records, including the ability to track documents
  • To ensure that the long-term and permanent records are kept in compliance with the law and that those records are securely stored and retrievable only by authorized personnel.
  • To minimize the workloads of users at all levels involved in the record keeping process
  • To reduce many of the administrative burdens and challenges present in managing Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Programs at every level
  • To provide uniformity of data collected during administratively processing FOIA/PA cases, facilitate world-wide tracking and exposure, empower users to search case information
  • To assist its users in codifying declassification decisions on documents and assets

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