Mobile Mapping Technology

If you need to collect and recreate data on the fly, the Leica BLK2GO is the tool for you.

Leica BLK2GO

The BLK2GO is a handheld laser ranging instrument that also has image capture capabilities. These when combined with SLAM technology can provide a dimensionally accurate point cloud in real-time.

Product Features:
  • Dual axis LiDAR scanning at 420,000 points per second.
  • 12 megapixel digital camera plus three panoramic cameras for visual navigation via SLAM.
  • Create 3D renderings of your measurements on the fly, in real time.
  • Lightweight (1.7 lbs), sleek looking device.
  • 45 minutes of continuous scanning with rechargeable batteries.
  • Data storage capable for six hours of scans and a USB-C port for fast data transfer.