Pegasus II Ultimate Mobile Mapper

Being able to combine your aerial and static based terrestrial LiDAR with that collected from a vehicle provides a complete, 3D Reality Capture scenario. Whether you are a federal highway employee, or in the US Armed Forces, there is a need to collect LiDAR and imagery of areas that are too large for static scanners or cannot be seen from the air. Hexagon US Federal has the ability to meet your mobile mapping needs with the Leica Pegasus: Two.

Leica Pegasus: Two

The Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate can increase your working day - allowing capture in a variety of lighting conditions and vehicle speeds. A higher dynamic range is enabled by a large sensor to pixel ratio and a dual-light sensor.

Photogrammetry and image quality is improved with the increased side camera resolution of twelve mega pixels and onboard JPEG compression.

Features include:

  • Side cameras deliver 8.0 FPS at 12 MP, each side camera provides 61° x 47° FOV
  • Maximum pixel size at 10 m is 3 mm
  • Adjustable pavement camera with 12 mm lenses, enables targeted image capture along a road or in a tunnel

The Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate is vehicle agnostic as well. Simply ship in its case to the project site, and install on a vehicle with already installed roof racks.