Hexagon US Federal Large Format Mapping Sensors.

When you need to create ortho imagery for resource management, target identification, change detections or other planning exercises, Hexagon US Federal’s imaging capabilities help you map the real world with speed and precision.

Hexagon US Federal’s Imaging Capabilities

The ADS100, with its push-broom technology is ideal for mapping large, ortho imagery projects efficiently. The DMC III is your traditional large format, framing sensor that employs a single monolithic panchromatic sensor for improved mapping accuracy.

ADS100 Push Broom Technology

  • Capture 4-band imagery at 3 different look angles
  • No pan sharpening
  • No shutters
  • 4-inch GSD imagery at 4,100 feet AGL

Download the ADS100 product sheet for more information (PDF)

DMC III Large Format Mapping Camera

  • 25,000 pixels across track
  • CMOS technology
  • Single, monolithic Panchromatic sensor
  • 2-inch GSD imagery at 3,870 feet AGL

Download the DMC III product sheet for more information (PDF)