Enterprise Information Management Products

Hexagon US Federal provided innovative products to design, build, manage, assess and operate Government/DoD assets and organizations for over 45 years.

Our Products

  • SmartMaintenanceFastsm - Aircraft Scheduled Maintenance Program
    • Our MSG-3 based solution and products help you efficiently and effectively modernize your aircraft Scheduled Maintenance Plan (SMP) to improving Availability, Reliability and Air worthiness.
  • JCMIS - Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Tool
    • Proven enterprise-level PLM system integrating people, data, and processes into a single secured web base environment, which is EIA 649 compliant.
  • SmartRMF™ - Managing the RMF Process 
    • Tool to automate the RMF process, saving time and reducing complexity. It interoperates with eMASS to manage critical RMF data and documents locally.