Electronic Record Management Solutions

Records Management

All Federal Agencies, including DoD, have been charged with maintaining essential records, traditionally captured in a variety of formats, but now increasingly captured and maintained as electronic records. NARA has mandated these be managed electronically for eventual transfer to NARA.

All Federal Agencies require record management solutions to identify, collect, analyze, sort, scan, retain, retrieve, declassify (in accordance with EO 13526), process requests, and manage large amounts of digital data.

Hexagon US Federal has provided electronic records management solutions to the Army for over 20 years and now provides similar services for Navy Nuclear Propulsion Information (NNPI) records. We offer a wide range of electronic records management solutions.

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Electronic Records Management Systems

  • Capture, search, retrieve, and index classified and unclassified records in electronic format
  • Web-based set of record management tools with world-wide application
  • NARA record retention schedules
  • Bulk archive of records (i.e., documents, emails)
    • Basic information is stored about each file to include filename, modification and creation times, name of user that uploaded the file and file path information
  • Metric and reporting capabilities

FOIA and Privacy Act Case Tracking System

  • Workflow process to manage and track FOIA/PA cases
  • Provides uniformity of data collected during administratively processing FOIA/PA cases
  • Facilitates world-wide tracking
  • Empowers government users to search case information
  • Employs automated programs and management reports

FOIA – Electronic Reading Room Solution

  • Single site for publicly accessible document
    • Agency FOIA response materials
    • Other information routinely available to the public
  • Four categories available:
    • Final opinions and orders rendered in the adjudication of administrative cases
    • Specific agency policy statements
    • Certain administrative staff manuals
    • Records disclosed in response to FOIA request that is likely to become the subject of subsequent requests for substantially the same records


Declassification and Derivative Classification

  • Workflow process for the review and tracking of classified records / documents in accordance with EO 13526 (Atomic Energy Act)
  • Disposition of records (i.e., declassified, exempted, referred to another agency, excluded from the declassification process, restricted data/formerly restricted data)
  • Mandatory Declassification Review of requests by an individual or entity to a Federal agency to review classified information for declassification, regardless of its age or origin, subject to certain limitations
  • Systematic Declassification Review based on National Archives record accessioning schedules
  • Automated Classification Guide for declassification reviewers to ensure protection of sensitive National Security information that serves as the link to guidelines, policies, and instructions to assist in the entire declassification review process
  • Media includes: paper, electronic data, photographs, maps, technical drawings and diagrams, audio tapes, audio and visual films, microform (includes microfilm, microfiche, and microprints) and documents in other languages
  • Derivative classification to maintain the protection and integrity of classified information

Digitization and Big Data

  • Automate document processing, including converting raw unstructured data into a structured format with metadata attributes
  • Preserve and convert various media types of records (i.e., paper, microfiche, microfilm, audio tape) to electronic format

Software Features

  • Section 508 Compliance
  • DoD Directive 5015.2 Compliance
  • CAC/AKO enabled web-based programs
  • Web-based set of record management tools with world-wide application