Airborne Bathymetry Technologies

Airborne Bathymetry Technologies

Global climate change is affecting our coastlines. These changes need to be mapped. Not only the land, but the littoral zone as well. Where it becomes less efficient and not safe for multi-beam technology, Hexagon’s Leica airborne bathymetry technologies become necessary tools.

Leica Chiroptera 4X

The Leica Chiroptera 4X features:

  • 140 kHz green laser capability
  • 500 kHz infrared laser capability
  • Medium format camera
  • 1.5 Secchi depth capability
  • Modular to add Hawkeye 4X Deep Channel Sensor

Leica Hawkeye 4X

The Leica Hawkeye features:

  • 40 kHz green laser capability
  • 3 Secchi depth capability