Luciad C5ISR

Professionals in the aerospace, defense and intelligence industries require quick access to information in order to make mission critical decisions and need to experience that information in an intuitive and integrated manner.

The amount of available data is growing exponentially in volume and complexity and our solutions for C5ISR directly connect to all of that data and display it in a dynamic common operating picture (COP) for more effective planning and decision making.

Dynamic Data Integration

We enable our customers to harness the power of their data and effectively fuse it with imagery, maps, terrain, urban models, and more to give them the best possible depiction of their mission space, providing valuable insights and the ability to conduct operations more safely and effectively. Our C5ISR solutions integrate many dynamic data feeds, such as weather, video streams and ground moving target indicators (GMTI).


As autonomous aircraft, ground vehicles and other assets become more ubiquitous, the sheer numbers of deployed assets will grow. Our solutions for C5ISR will scale and provide an effective way to manage, track and visualize these assets an integrated manner.


  • Command and Control
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Mission Planning / Flight Planning
  • Aerospace
  • Air Defense Systems
  • COP – Common Operating Picture
  • Modeling and Simulation