JCMIS Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Tool

JCMIS Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Tool

The Joint Configuration Management Information System (JCMIS) application is an enterprise level Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM) tool that manages products from the beginning of the lifecycle phase until the end of service by integrating people, data, and processes into a single, secure, web base environment.

The application integrates configuration identification, change control, status accounting, and audits into a closed-loop system while also providing a seamless view of a part, its documentation, identification number, technical directives, allowable configurations, and as-is configurations.


  • In use at NAVAIR for over 20 years, including in PEO JSF, as well as the following
    JCMIS Customers
  • Complies with EIA 649 (National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management) and all industry standards
  • Provides a single point integration of PLM business process
  • Standardizes Configuration Management / Data Management business processes across the enterprise
  • Improves collaboration and design reuse, tracks revisions, reduces errors, and increases productivity with a centralized management system of product information
  • *New release* with redesigned User Experience (UX) offering enhanced end-user productivity

Technical Features

  • Robust data security protocols (Database roles and rights permissions)
  • Rich systematic approach for creating, configuring, managing, and reusing product structures
  • Design documentation identification and revision control
  • Electronic data library for documentation
  • Physical part attributes
  • Supplier source data includes Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability Codes (SM&R)
  • Work unit code structures
  • Asset management includes: Life limited components, “As is” configurations, warranties, etc.
  • Change lifecycle includes: Variances, Preliminary, and Formal Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs)
  • Compliant with all mandated Security Initiatives (US CyberCommand Alerts and Bulletins, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) requirements, in addition to monthly Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) Scanning)

Download the JCMIS product sheet. (PDF)