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The 2023.1 release brings new features to LuciadCPillar, LuciadFusion, LuciadLightspeed, and LuciadRIA, and improves the developer experience in all products.

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About Luciad

Luciad is the most powerful geospatial toolkit available for critical problem-solving. As a GIS toolset and technology leader, Luciad provides unparalleled power and flexibility to handle complex data for GEOINT, C5ISR, and S/I users. Whether you're managing disaster response, aerospace, air defense systems, or operate in a modeling and simulation domain, the Luciad Portfolio connects all your data and displays it in a dynamic common operating picture (COP) for complete decision-making.

With customizable geospatial visualization and analytic capabilities, Luciad is a flexible solution for all your geospatial requirements, including custom application development and integration with existing systems. 

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The Most Powerful Geospatial Toolkit Available

Luciad stands alone in the geospatial market with advantages such as: 

Interoperability: Luciad can enhance and work with existing software, saving you time and money.

Flexibility: Luciad works with your on-site server, cloud, private cloud, standalone machine, disconnected environment, connected environment, web, mobile, desktop, PC, Linux, mobile, and more.

Scalability: Luciad can scale and provide an effective way to manage, track and visualize assets an integrated manner, even as your volume of deployed assets increases.

High-Performing: The Luciad Portfolio is specifically designed to handle large volumes of near real-time data coming from any feed. Luciad combines all of this data on-the-fly into a feature-rich environment for visualization and analysis.

Data agnostic: Luciad combines many disparate datasets, regardless of file type, projection, and format for visualization and analysis. This direct and streamlined manner of accessing data eliminates any errors that may be introduced during a data conversion process.

Easy to deploy and use: Luciad has an intuitive user experience for non-geospatial professionals, able to be implemented and used by individuals without requiring geospatial training or experience.

Increased Situational Awareness: The Luciad Portfolio provides comprehensive data intelligence to key stakeholders who operate in the C5ISR, Mission Planning/Flight Planning, Aerospace, Air Defense Systems, and/or Modeling and Simulation domain

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Luciad Capabilities

Luciad offers SDK desktop interfaces, SDK web interfaces, and full functional backend servers for deployment in any environment.

LuciadFusion IconLuciadFusion (LF): An all-in-one server solution for geospatial data management
Manage your data intelligently, store and process a multitude of data formats and feed data to numerous applications. LuciadFusion enables you to design, portray, process and set up advanced maps in a few simple clicks.

Learn more | Download the brochure (PDF)

LuciadLightspeed IconLuciadLightspeed (LL): Advanced geospatial analytics desktop and onboard applications.
LuciadLightspeed is the preferred technology for enterprise-wide geospatial situational awareness, with modular, open architecture and meticulous adherence to industry standards.


Learn more | Download the brochure (PDF)

LuciadRIA IconLuciadRIA (LR): Situational awareness in a browser
Driven by today’s most advanced web technologies, LuciadRIA uses WebGL, HTML5 and JavaScript to deliver desktop-like performance to your web applications. Connect to your data via OGC web services, or simply drag and drop common file formats. The data can be explored in a 2D or 3D map view or a vertical intersection view. For 4D analysis and a richer picture of what’s happening when, combine it with a timeline view.

Learn more  | Download the brochure (PDF)

Luciad CPillar IconLuciadCPillar (LC): Desktop and on-board API for C++/C# developers to support mission-critical solutions
Create high-performance Command and Control and location intelligence applications thanks to the clean design and modular structure of the LuciadCPillar API. integrate visualization components, add support for custom data or databases, apply your own custom data styling and symbology, or match the user interface to mirror your company’s unique needs and style.

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