Rugged Hardware Engineering Services

Hexagon US Federal offers rugged hardware engineering services to design, integrate, build, and test special-purpose and custom rugged hardware to meet specific program requirements and needs. This includes hardware not offered as standard products such as rugged racks, displays, network components, and transit cases. We also provide full lifecycle support for fielded Hexagon hardware.

We offer the same proven engineering services for new rugged hardware or support of fielded Hexagon hardware. We have been designing, testing, manufacturing and supporting rugged hardware since 1995. Hexagon equipment is found on every aircraft carrier, amphibious, and surface combatant ship – over 125 active ships.

Rugged Hardware Services

  • Design, build, and test rugged hardware
  • Hardware design and prototyping services
  • Environmental testing
  • Full lifecycle support
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • RMMCO certified for shipboard installation and maintenance

Hardware Design and Prototyping Services

  • 3D CAD hardware design
  • Detail level (1, 2, 3) drawings
  • Employ common industry environmental test parameters and proven design methodologies, maximizing system longevity
  • Full-scale prototype development
  • PDM system maintains the configuration of engineering models and products, including BOMs

Environmental Testing

  • High-impact shock, vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI), temperature, humidity, dust, and spark ratings.

Full Lifecycle Support

  • Help Desk support
  • Just-in-time spares (JITS)
  • Maintenance
  • Parts obsolescence
  • Shipboard installation and maintenance