Maritime Energy Management

IGS's geospatially enabled single-source web portal for energy management is designed to provide decision makers with situational awareness and actionable information concerning energy usage. With our easy-to-use energy dashboard, we turn vast amounts of data into actionable information that puts the power of saving energy — and money — into the hands of facility occupants.

Reducing energy consumption on military installations provides immediate impact on cost savings. We help you move toward meeting Net Zero goals by providing the context for why a given facility is saving or wasting energy compared to other facilities. The information is provided in an easy-to-read dashboard that allows Public Works professionals, campus administrators, and installation commanders to evaluate if factors such as facility use, infrastructure condition, and occupant utility habits are impacting energy usage. Mock bills generated for tenants provide building occupants with their energy consumption, increasing awareness within the entire community in energy conservation efforts.

Facilities-based Overview of Customers, Utilities and Services (FOCUS)
FOCUS is IGS's geospatially enabled single-source web portal designed to provide decision makers and facility tenants with situational awareness and actionable information about facilities and components, including energy usage, real property data, construction and maintenance work orders, and environmental considerations. With an easy-to-read dashboard, FOCUS is designed to give all energy users — not just the energy manager — the power to conserve energy and help the organization achieve Net Zero goals, save resources and reduce the "bootprint" on the environment.

FOCUS provides geospatial integration of data sources including:

  • Installation Status Report (ISR) for facility mission and condition ratings
  • Real Property attribute data and floor plans
  • Utility Billing System (UBS) Data
  • Work Management Information for facility construction and maintenance work orders
  • Utility Monitoring Control System (UMCS) Data
  • Smart Meter Data Integration
  • Environmental data

Key Benefits

  • Click-on-map interface for quick and easy data access
  • Provides decision-quality information and energy situational awareness through a single portal
  • Provides actionable energy usage information
  • Promotes energy consumption awareness
  • Enables cost savings by identifying energy problem areas/users
  • Assists in allocating scarce resources to the facilities of concern to achieve the best return on investment
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the installation for leadership decision-making

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