Aviation Solutions

Hexagon US Federal's solution to build transformational scheduled maintenance programs. Executed by a team of military and commercial experts, this end-to-end methodology is used to build and implement maintenance programs using the Airlines 4 America's (A4A's) best commercial aviation maintenance methodology, MSG-3, purposely tailored to military aircraft called VectorMx using the InsightAnalysis product. This vanguard solution ensures inherent safety, maximizes reliability/mission capability and minimizes cost for your maintenance program.

Key Benefits

  • Increases aircraft availability/on-time performance - Using the logic driven tenets of the MSG-3 methodology will ensure increases in dispatch reliability
  • Optimize Inherent levels of safety and reliability - Hexagon US Federal's new MSG-3 scheduled maintenance program assigns the appropriate tasks at the precise intervals
  • Adaptation of commercial aviation best practice - Hexagon's commercial and military experts perfectly adapt the commercial aviation best practice to military protocol

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