Ruggedized Hardware

Hexagon US Federal has proven our excellence in providing and maintaining highly complex systems and software as well as integration platforms for land, sea, and air implementation. We design, manufacture, and integrate rugged commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)-based products, ranging from computer consoles and displays to workstations and cameras, that are able to withstand harsh environments to meet specific customer requirements conforming to a wide array of military, industrial, and commercial specifications. Since entering the rugged hardware market in 1995, we have become a leading provider of rugged workstations, console display systems, and equipment automation for the U.S. Navy. Hexagon provides proven, cost-effective solutions; in fact, there are more than 1,700 Intergraph TD-R™ workstations, consoles, and enclosed displays currently installed on more than 100 Navy vessels.

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Features and Benefits

Rugged Workstations
  • Integrates COTS technology, proven construction, and processing power needed for complex applications
  • Ensures durability to support the harshest environments on land or sea
  • Provides flexibility through its modular design
  • Enables true customization for program-specific requirements
  • Provides alternatives for the prevention and elimination of outside contaminants by use of design standards, including National Electronic Manufacturer Association (NEMA) and IP6x
  • Integrates open design architectures to allow integration of multiple operating systems and interoperability
  • Incorporates long term support and logistical planning
  • Standard products lines and custom designs available
Rugged Displays
  • Meets the needs of shock-prone environments and are ideal when conditions demand a rugged display
  • Allows for variable mounting options to meet a wide range of applications
  • Provides spare commonality through modular product design
Rugged Consoles
  • Meets the needs of a variety of military and industrial applications, including damage assessment, system control, bridge consoles, and more
  • Provides the ability to use either local or remotely positioned computer systems
  • Offers low-profile designs and user-friendly ergonomics to meet a wide range of applications
  • Incorporates flexible design models allowing multiple configurations
U.S. Federal Contracts

Hexagon US Federal has been serving the U.S. federal government for more than 40 years, providing a variety of technology and business solutions to the Department of Defense and civilian agencies. As an experienced supplier to many federal agencies, Hexagon US Federal is a vendor under contract for numerous government programs. U.S. federal agencies and their authorized buyers can purchase Hexagon solutions from these contracts:

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