M.App eX

Comprehensive platform for cloud-based geospatial analytics.

M.App eX is a fully-featured geospatial analytics platform operating in the cloud or in a client-server configuration that supports the Hexagon US Federal cloud-based exploitation solution. This enterprise solution gives customers and partners an extensive platform to deliver innovative geospatial solutions that meet today's critical mission requirements.

M.App eX interfaces with WebGLT, a rich web-based client application for all users to create and share information across the enterprise. M.App eX also provides tools to capture geospatial tradecraft and share it as dynamic services across the enterprise and manages all of your geospatial data.  M.App eX is based on Hexagon Geospatial’s Smart M.App platform and includes additional features necessary for defense and intelligence workflows, such as support for classified image formats and workflows.

M.App eX includes the top features that users of geospatial data require for viewing, analyzing, and reporting geospatial information. It offers simplified data access, defense workflows, and on-premises (private cloud) or public cloud hosting to provide centralized storage and computation. M.App eX features include:

BUILD rich imagery and geospatial analyst workflows 

EASILY DEVELOP and CONFIGURE powerful geospatial web processes for handling remote sensing, image processing, photogrammetry, and GIS requirements
FAST IMAGE DISPLAY and enhancement in image space, map space and stereo when combined with our electronic light table product WebGLT

SMART DATA MANAGEMENT Use Shoeboxes to manage and organize data such as images, terrains, annotations, feature sets, and stereo pairs. A Shoebox is a list of all the working data associated with your open project or projects. The data can be organized by specific groups or images, and can be focused on accomplishing a task.

RICH GEOPROCESSES Generate line of sight, terrain profiles, change detection, helicopter landing zones, RSET extract features, Edge match and many more with our rich set of geoprocesses.


Rich browser-based application for imagery exploitation and geospatial analysis


The world's leading geospatial data authoring system is the cornerstone of every remote sensing workflow..