Remotely configurable software application

EdgeFrontier® is a remotely configurable software application that may reside on Microsoft Windows-based computing platforms and provides intelligent convergence of network-aware assets. EdgeFrontier supports integration and normalization of data, events, and control functions from diverse sources, regardless of manufacturer or communications protocol, including devices and systems utilized in safety and security, energy and utilities, asset tracking, autonomous systems (UAVs, UGVs, etc.) and other applications. In addition, EdgeFrontier provides structures for event processing and configuration of event or policy-based actions through a policy engine.

EdgeFrontier includes an EdgeFrontier Engine™ application, which provides the field-level power for the software, and an EdgeFrontier Client™ application, which enables enterprises and integrators to configure the EdgeFrontier Engine application remotely. With the installation of the EdgeFrontier Engine on computing platforms, and the EdgeFrontier Client on remote workstations and PCs, users are provided with a complete, remotely configurable middleware platform for intelligent convergence solutions.

EdgeFrontier can distribute data to and exercise control over multiple network devices and applications via various communication protocols within wired and wireless deployments. In addition, third-party processing software and algorithms or user-produced code can be implemented easily to further extend the capabilities of EdgeFrontier as a middleware platform technology for convergence. Find out even more about EdgeFrontier from our parent company, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

Specifically, EdgeFrontier® can: 

  • Enable connectivity between divrse devices, systems, and networks through communication methods (including TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, serial, HTTP, SNMP, WMI, message queue, e-mail, and web services); support the reading and writing of files and databases; and enable connectivity to systems via third-party and custom application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Serve as a mediator between diverse systems, devices, and networks, including support for protocol/format encoding/decoding and data transformation
  • Provide real-time, edge-of-network event processing, including data filtering, correlation, anomaly detection, and notification/alert generation
  • Provide a policy engine for configuration of event or policy-based actions
  • Enable distributed processing and event or policy-based actions to be automated throughout the network infrastructure
  • Provide an extensible application server for core and edge-of-network computing systems
  • Provide sophisticated network and system management capabilities
  • Distribute data as network data, data files (e.g., text, XML, binary, etc.) and for databases (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.) for use with enterprise systems and interface platforms
  • Extend the IP network and IT infrastructure to remote devices, systems, and networks

With these capabilities, EdgeFrontier is an ideal product for enterprises and integrators that require a remotely configurable convergence platform and wish to utilize the existing network infrastructure.

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