Public Safety and Security Solutions

Protecting People & Property

Public Safety on Military Installations

Command staffs and public safety personnel on DoD installations are responsible for the safety and welfare of the soldiers, their families and the civilian workers who...

Public Safety Reporting & Analysis

Mine, monitor, and analyze massive amounts of public safety products and solutions.

Border Security

Keeping people and goods from entering the United States illegally is an escalating challenge. Intergraph's border security solution combines vast amounts of data from...

Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection

Protecting military and civilian assets is essential to fighting terrorism. Our geospatially powered anti-terrorism/force protection solution lets you not only detect and...

Incident Response Management

Hexagon US Federal's Incident Management solution provides communications center operators with the tools they need to field calls, create and update incident details, and...

Records Management For Law Enforcement

Our law enforcement records and case management solution provides rapid and reliable access to information, whenever and wherever needed. inPursuit WebRMS is a...

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as wildfires on public lands have the potential to cause extensive amounts of damage to property and life. Comprehensive consequence management...

Public Safety Configurations & Certifications

From hub and spoke architecture to DoD approvals, we’ve got it all.

Physical Security Information Management

Ensure situational awareness with a complete security solution.