InPursuit Field Based Reporting

Increase productivity and ensure better, more timely reports.

Intergraph InPursuit Field Based Reporting provides field personnel with real-time access to InPursuit RMS and InPursuit WebRMS. An easy-to-use application, it enables fast and convenient data entry and report submission, reducing the need for paper-based reporting. InPursuit Field Based Reporting increases productivity and ensures better, more timely reports. For more information on InPursuit Field Based Reporting, please visit Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure website.


Icon Increase Efficiency

Complete data input by the end of a shift instead of the end of the week.

Icon Enhance Data Integrity

Reduce redundant data entry and seamlessly integrate RMS and CAD data.

Icon Optimize Approvals

Enable end-to-end workflows for report submission and approval.

InPursuit WebRMS

Provide rapid and reliable access to information, whenever and wherever needed.

InPursuit Crime Analysis GIS

Visualize data, report on incidents, and better allocate resources.