InPursuit Crime Analysis GIS

Visualize data, report on incidents, and better allocate resources.

Intergraph InPursuit Crime Analysis GIS is a tool for analyzing incident and crime data from InPursuit RMS and InPursuit WebRMS. It allows users to easily build queries, pinpoint trends, and share map-based information. InPursuit Crime Analysis GIS enables police and law enforcement agencies to visualize data, report on incidents, and better allocate resources. For more information on InPursuit Crime Analysis GIS, please visit Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure website.


Icon Obtain Insight

Determine the number, time, and concentration of crimes and incidents in a spatial context.

Icon Improve Performance

Better visualize and understand crime trends and hot spots for resource deployment and allocation.

Icon Enhance Reporting

Generate map displays for agency reporting, daily briefings, and citizen meetings.

InPursuit WebRMS

Provide rapid and reliable access to information, whenever and wherever needed.

Business Intelligence

Improve performance and allocate resources more effectively.