Cartographic Web Services

Proven for the rapid and automated production of cartographic products CWS is currently producing series-based maps at the national mapping agency level for both military and humanitarian missions.

Now more than ever, decision-makers need instant access to accurate and detailed intelligence products to protect citizens, respond to catastrophic events, and support the warfighter. To meet this need, Hexagon US Federal offers our cloud-based automated map finishing solution, Cartographic Web Services (CWS). CWS is a customizable web-based solution for automating the generation of digital cartographic products in a very accurate and timely manner. The solution provides server side automation of sophisticated cartographic processes such as generalization, contour generation, symbol deconfliction, placement of grids, graticules, and marginalia, and much more.

Today's warfighters require timely delivery of mapping products to conduct their operations. Many organizations that are responsible for providing maps to the warfighters are transforming from delivering pre-built maps to providing web services that allow the users in the field to generate the most accurate and recent maps on the fly. Hexagon US Federal solutions for geospatial intelligence production, including CWS, provide the technology to execute sophisticated cartographic processes on authoritative data source and then deliver these to mobile devices in a matter of minutes.

Our pioneering technology supports the production of high-quality mapping products to defined specifications. GIPS technology supports the Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Program (MGCP) as well as other large scale programs and enables the collaboration and exchange of mapping data among countries, mapping agencies, and contractors. This commercial off-the-shelf solution incorporates open standard technologies, enabling national, regional, and military mapping agencies to meet their goals and accomplish their missions.

Incorporation of automated cartographic finishing enables map production organizations to stand up highly performant web services for on-demand map generation. 
Key Benefits

Integrated, End-to-End Solution
Offers an integrated, end-to-end solution that supports the entire map production workflow

Commercial Off-the-Shelf Technology
Incorporates open standards that promote interoperability and fusion of multi-source data 

Efficient Data Collection and Analysis

Enables collection and analysis of data from disparate sources to increase situational awareness, enhance decision-making, reduce risk, and mitigate harm.

Rules-based Verification

Validates your work through rules-based verification and delivers final output that adheres to defined specifications.

Unmatched Quality and Accuracy

Gives special attention to data accuracy and quality checks throughout the process for better map products and reduced rework time.

Adapts for use in many situations to produce well-defined hardcopy map products quickly and in volume

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